What Are the Real Health Dangers of Excessive Modafinil Use?

Modafinil, like all other otherwise helpful pharmaceutical varieties, must never be willfully abused. Overdose is just one of these abusive uses to which the nootropical substance could be put to by certain misinformed individuals. And while strictly disciplined individuals will naturally steer clear of potentially excessive intakes, this is not always easy.

In fact, pharmacologists usually warn fans to avoid combining this smart tab with sedative drugs like alcohol as they may trick them into underestimating the actual quantities they’re ingesting. Anyway, any excessive dosage of the alertness-increasing pill will become brutally evident shortly after consumption…so you’ll be able to discover the grave mistake almost right away.

But what are the real dangers of excessive Modafinil use – or, how might one probably swiftly discover that they took inadvisable amounts? Well, concisely explained below are some possible health dangers of overdosing this powerful eugeroic mind enhancer.

1. Acute Sleeplessness

Acute sleeplessness is one of the preliminary dangers and telltale signs of Modafinil overdose. The easily understandable point simply derives from the smart pills obvious chemical capacity to hinder sleep…and trigger a corresponding extent of wakefulness at the same time.

In other words, you know you’ve ingested disagreeably greater-than-recommended measures as soon as you develop perilously more alertness than you sought initially. Persisting over many additional hours and days or weeks, such critical sleeplessness cases risk degenerating into a full-blown insomnia – a real life-threatening health crisis.

2. Extreme Nervousness

Another often-experienced repercussion of taking excessive Modafinil doses is extreme nervousness. Almost all longstanding nootropics fans go for this potent dosage in order to enjoy its palpably manifest brain-energizing qualities. And under normal circumstances, they’ll begin to relish the much-craved cognitive advantages in about an hour or so after intake.

However, just know you’ve given yourself a raw deal once you feel as if you’re growing sort of helplessly jittery for no apparent reason…especially if the resultant overanxiety keeps morphing rather tellingly fast, from bad to worse! This is because, unless taken on an absolutely empty belly, the great tablet will hardly lead to such nervous mental transports.

3. Serious Liver Complications

The technical fact that liver diseases aren’t that easy to self-diagnose does not render them any less of a critical health consequence of using excess Modafinil. Seeing that the strong nootropical dosage needs further metabolization for its final entry into the bloodstream, your liver’s delicate wellbeing gets well inevitably pulled into the whole fragile bargain.

And while standard intakes present no real bother to the demonstrably resilient vital organ, it easily gives in under the extra strain occasioned by surplus nootropic quantities. In shirt, the notoriously ignorant guys who’re likely to experiment with excess milligrams must either quit their daredevil theatrics or simply come down with an unserviceably deteriorated liver!

4. Chest Pain & Cardiac Failure

Persistent chest pains could sometimes act as a covert announcement that you’ve just had an inadvertent Modafinil overdose. Many victims of the same excessive nootropic dosages are also likely to report combined overuse symptoms – an unnaturally fast-throbbing pulse-rate plus severe chest soreness.

Each of these two constitutes a distinct health sign/danger commonly associated with using intolerably huge quantities of the said mind-boosting tablet. In particularly dire circumstances, totally unpredicted cardiac arrests could ensue – resulting in sudden fatalities, of course!

To conclude, there are a few more health harms posed by taking excess Modafinil doses. Examples of these further risks include unending diarrhea and/or nausea, shortness of breath, and serious skin rashes. A small percentage may exhibit a sharp decrease in appetite, while yet another narrow class could become insufferably more irritable than hell itself!

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