Modafinil vs. Coffee

The modern world is characterized by a necessity to work harder, think smarter and sleep less. Therefore, brain boosting products are needed to keep the brain alert for increased productivity. For a long time, coffee has been among the chief products in this category but the problem is, coffee is not as effective as people want it to be. Many people want something that can help them think faster, become smarter and work longer. Thanks to wonderful world of medicine, smart drugs like Modafinil have been developed.

The smart drug, which is available over the counter and has gained FDA’s approval for the treatment of narcolepsy keeps one awake for a longer than coffee. The drug belongs to a group of wakefulness supporting agents. Unlike coffee, it helps people with sleeping disorders and those who work night shifts to stay awake for longer hours than usual.

Most importantly, modafinil helps people to think more clearly as they work. The caffeine found in coffee is nothing compared to modafinil since it works at lower and less effective levels. Those who have used modafinil and coffee argue that unlike coffee which wears down quickly, they don’t get worn out during the day after using modafinil during night shifts. Apart from longer periods of alertness, modafinil helps people to lose their weight while coffee does not. With this smart drug, one will feel less hungry and also experience increased energy levels. While coffee works to reduce food cravings this only happens for a short time, which is less sufficient for those who want to kill two birds at the same time; reduce weight and keep alert.

Modafinil is also less addictive compared to coffee, which is highly addictive. More so, this drug has no side effects like coffee, which will have some side effects like poor concentration and headaches after a sudden cut down. Modafinil is also helpful in reducing fatigue impulse response like bad decision making. Coffee does reduce fatigue to some extent but is no way near as effective as Modafinil for this purpose.

Although modafinil has all those benefits over coffee, not all people are allowed to use the drug. Anyone below 25 years of age is not supposed to take modafinil because their mind is not fully developed. However, most people including children can take coffee without any problems. In addition, Modafinil needs to be prescribed by a doctor who should advise users on the dosage and how to consume them. This is unlike coffee, which is consumed without any prescriptions and can be taken any time even before meals. So, it’s up to you to decide which one is for you.

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