If You Are A Night Shift Worker, You Need Modafinil

Working night shifts is never easy. This is especially so if you have been used to a regular night’s sleep previously. If that is the case, then your body will not find it natural to sleep during the day. In fact, night shifts have been known to cause medical disorders to those who are used to sleeping at night. These medical disorders include depression and ulcers. You may also find that when you work night shifts and fail to adjust, there may be cases of absenteeism, accidents, errors at work, and missing social and family activities. As such, as a night shift worker, here is why you need Modafinil to help you adjust.

How You Benefit From Modafinil as a Night Shift Worker

Using the drug Modafinil improves wakefulness as well as the elimination of fatigue. Therefore, when you use the drug, during your night shift, you do not need to worry about dozing away as you work. In addition, there is improved alertness and mental acuity.

Normally, the body is used to relaxing at night. As a result, you may not expect to be alert and willing to work during these hours. However, when you use Modafinil one hour before your shift, you will find that you remain on the alert through the shift.

Another advantage is that the drug will not affect your sleeping pattern once you choose to sleep during the day. It promotes wakefulness for at least eight hours. After which, you can have a good snooze during the day before your next shift.

Daytime Activities

As a night shift worker, you may have some errands to run during the day. Normally, it would require that you first take some rest in order to continue with these errands. However, you can manage to continue with daytime errands before the effects of the pill wear off.


You are to take a 150mg pill one hour before your night shift begins. This pill has an onset of 2 hours and offset of 6-8 hours. Therefore, when taken one hour before the shift, you will feel its effects once you are in your workplace. You will feel on the alert, more creative, and more energetic to take on your night shift.

Modafinil has negligible side effects based on studies done. Therefore, you do not need to worry about suffering from the said side effects while using the drug. However, it is imperative that you visit your doctor before use if you have previously had any cardiovascular conditions.

It is also important to note that research has been done to ensure that Modafinil is not addictive. Therefore, once you find that you are used to the night shift schedule, you can wean yourself off the drug with no problems.


Based on reviews, those who have used the pill also tend to fall asleep much easier after a night shift. This is attributed to the mental activity and alertness you have during the 8 hours after taking Modafinil. Therefore, for fewer attention lapses and a seamless night shift, ensure you get yourself the Modafinil pill.

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