Modafinil vs. Coffee

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The modern world is characterized by a necessity to work harder, think smarter and sleep less. Therefore, brain boosting products are needed to keep the brain alert for increased productivity. For a long time, coffee has been among the chief products in this category but the problem is, coffee is not as effective as people want [...]

What is The Most Important Information I Should Know Regarding Modafinil?

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It is always important to have sufficient information about any medicine before using it. This is because it enables you to make the most informed decisions for proper usage. Modafinil is one of the most commonly used smart drugs, especially as treatment for people suffering from sleep disorders. It has also come into wide usage among [...]

Can Modafinil Really Help Software Developers/Computer Programmers?

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Computer programming/software development is a truly taxing intellectual undertaking that requires a great deal of razor-sharp brains...and Modafinil is a genuinely brain-sharpening pharmaceutical product that would assist any IT nerd in achieving their next big thing. It can be a real upliftment that swiftly catapults a struggling computing practitioner to unimaginably greater professional heights within an [...]