What Are the Real Health Dangers of Excessive Modafinil Use?

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Modafinil, like all other otherwise helpful pharmaceutical varieties, must never be willfully abused. Overdose is just one of these abusive uses to which the nootropical substance could be put to by certain misinformed individuals. And while strictly disciplined individuals will naturally steer clear of potentially excessive intakes, this is not always easy. In fact, pharmacologists [...]

Does Modafinil Lead to Hangovers Like Other Stimulating Drugs?

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A lot has been said about various bio-hacking pharmaceutical brands currently on sale in the contemporary drugs market. Specifically, Modafinil is one of the most extensively used nootropics today – and quite many controversial claims have been advanced about it. For instance, there have been sundry discordant allegations linking the potent cognitive enhancer to a [...]

If You Are A Night Shift Worker, You Need Modafinil

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Working night shifts is never easy. This is especially so if you have been used to a regular night’s sleep previously. If that is the case, then your body will not find it natural to sleep during the day. In fact, night shifts have been known to cause medical disorders to those who are used [...]

The Pros and Cons of Buying Modafinil with Bitcoin

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Modafinil has emerged as one of the most rave-reviewed across the world. The inimitable cognitive enhancer has successfully shaken off all the initial criticisms it received from naysayers to become the world's leading bio-hacking pill. Despite this unprecedented breakthroughs, many consumers are a little unsure of where to purchase this magical tablet. With a wide-ranging [...]

Modafinil Vs. Noopept and Piracetam

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Modafinil is a nootropic that outperforms all other smart drugs by honing in on what you need and reducing what you do not. In other words, it gives you the focus and energy you need to perform optimally at two to three times normal capacity without giving you a mental breakdown, latent side effects, or [...]

Does Modafinil Change Your Personality?

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Neuroenhancers are quite a controversial subject. Some praise their results and others question the ethics behind them. Modafinil, however, is one neuroenhancer that has proved to be incredibly effective over the years. It is sometimes described as a substitute for the short, leave-you-wanting-more effects of caffeine, without the crash. And its growth in popularity has people [...]

6 Tips for Getting Modafinil Prescription in the UK

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Mainstream medics operate within the strict codes of professionalism that define their delicate careers. As such, your commendably cunning attempt at coaxing a registered doctor to allow you to take Modafinil will almost invariably see you go back home with only a bunch of traditional antibiotics and dozens of unbreakable instructions. So, what should you do [...]

Is Modafinil Better than Coffee

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The modern world is characterized by a necessity to work harder, think smarter and sleep less. This necessity was what fueled the development of brain boosting products that have the ability to enhance cognitive abilities for increased productivity. One of these products is coffee. Coffee is the lifeblood for many people. Millions rely on it to [...]

The Effects of Modafinil on Sex Drive

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It's generally prudent to first inquire about all the overall health implications of any drug before you use it. This worthy precautionary tip is especially important when it comes to recreational substances like nootropics. If you are not keen enough, it's quite easy to ingest unhealthy or toxic formulations that have unfavorable short-term and long-term consequences. [...]